Top 10 mistakes of Election 2010

We all make mistakes. But in the world of politics, it’s an art form. Here’s our list of favorites from Election 2010, in no particular order, and focused on mistakes that could affect the outcome of a race.

Jack Conway’s 'Aqua Buddha' ad

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    Jack Conway campaigns in Ashland, Ken., Oct. 29.
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The Democratic Senate nominee from Kentucky still seemed to have a fighting chance against Republican Rand Paul when he ran an attack ad questioning Mr. Paul’s religious convictions. The ad references Paul’s membership in a secret society while at Baylor University that lampooned Christianity and the school’s strong Baptist identity.

It also referred to a college prank in which Paul and some friends kidnapped a woman and made her worship an “Aqua Buddha.” Paul reacted with outrage, and state Attorney General Conway’s disapproval ratings shot up.

Conway backers say his numbers were slipping and they needed a Hail Mary to pull off a victory, but it appears to have backfired. The race now seems to be over.

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