Top 10 mistakes of Election 2010

We all make mistakes. But in the world of politics, it’s an art form. Here’s our list of favorites from Election 2010, in no particular order, and focused on mistakes that could affect the outcome of a race.

Frank Caprio telling Obama to ‘shove it’

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    Frank Caprio shakes hands with the business manager at Masal Sales in Cranston, R.I., Oct. 25.
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The Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Rhode Island was, um, frustrated by President Obama’s decision not to endorse anyone in the race. The White House explains that it was out of deference to the independent candidate, former Sen. Lincoln Chafee, a former Republican who had endorsed Obama for president in 2008. Upon hearing the news, state treasurer Frank Caprio told a talk radio host that Obama "can take his endorsement and really shove it as far as I'm concerned."

Caprio’s numbers, which were already sliding, have kept heading south. Mr. Chafee leads.

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