Herman Cain speaks out: His seven most memorable one-liners

Herman Cain's ascension in the Republican presidential campaign has been rich with zingers. Here are seven of Mr. Cain's most memorable quotes.

6. “I will deliver”

David Goldman/AP/File
Herman Cain speaks to reporters in Atlanta earlier this year.

Saturday Night Live” regularly parodies politicians' campaign slogans (see Sarah Palin), but very rarely does it give rise to one.

But such was the case with Cain, who said he'd borrow a line from an SNL skit, where he was impersonated by actor Kenan Thompson. The skit, which aired during the Sept. 24 season opener, spoofed the “seventh or eighth” Republican presidential debate between Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and “six other people who will never be president.”

When “Herman Cain” finally got airtime, Mr. Thompson (as Cain) said, “There is no better motto for the federal government than that of a pizza place. And if you vote for me, America, I promise you that I will deliver.”

Cain, fresh from winning the Florida Republican straw poll earlier that day, said he planned on using the line from now on. “You may hear that last line in my next debate performance,” he said on NBC's "Today" show the Monday after. “I couldn’t have come up with a better one myself, so I’m going to take that one and run with it.”

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