Columbus Day: What's open, what's closed, what's happening?

True, it's not the most exciting holiday on the calendar. It's not even observed in every state, which means Columbus Day comes with a lot of confusion about practical matters, such as what's open and what's not. Here's your practical guide to Columbus Day.

3. Columbus Day celebrations

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    People take part in a parade through the 5th Avenue in New York, Sunday, during the Columbus Day celebrations. This day is also called Dia de la Raza in many countries in Latin America and Dia de la Hispanidad or Fiesta Nacional in Spain.
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Observance of Columbus Day varies, ranging from large-scale parades to nonobservance. For places that do celebrate it, the day has evolved into a cultural celebration.

Italians have long celebrated Christopher Columbus in tribute to their shared heritage. If you’re in San Francisco or New York, you don’t have to look far to find celebratory Italian-Americans. The annual Columbus Day Parade began in both cities as a way to pay tribute to the man they claim as one of their own. The parades typically feature street fairs, colorful costumes, music, and Italian food. San Francisco boasts the oldest parade, while New York has the largest.

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