Will Wisconsin recall clip Gov. Scott Walker's power? Three scenarios.

Political eyes around the nation are on Wisconsin today, as voters in six districts cast ballots in the third – and most critical – of four recall votes. Six Republican state senators face possible defeat today. Next week, two Democratic state senators will be in the same position.

The vote is widely seen as a referendum on the anti-union strategies of Republican Gov. Scott Walker, and thus has drawn interest – and funding – from across the country.

Tuesday's recall election is unprecedented in numerous ways.

Darren Hauck / Reuters
Voters take to the polls in River Hills as Wisconsin holds the nation's largest-ever recall elections, August 9. Six state Republican senators face recall elections Tuesday, sparked by a controversial anti-union bill passed by Wisconsin's Republican Governor, Scott Walker.

  • The recall process has been used just four times since recalls were first allowed in 1926.
  • It's taking place during the dog days of summer.
  • Extremely high turnout is expected.
  • Candidates and interest groups have spent more than $30 million.

Here are the possible outcomes of Tuesday’s vote, and what to look for as results come in:

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