Reagan's 100th birthday: 10 defining moments

American's 40th president, Ronald Reagan, would have turned 100 on Sunday. He presided during the last legs of the cold war and argued for smaller government. As much of the US political world notes the centennial of his birth, here are 10 things that define Reagan, and through which, he helped define the world.

1. President of the Screen Actors Guild (1954-1962)

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    This undated file photo shows Ronald Reagan. Sunday marks the centennial anniversary of Reagan's birth.
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Reagan was an actor, but it was his off-camera work in Hollywood that he credited with preparing him for the presidency. As president of the Screen Actors Guild, Reagan negotiated with studio executives, a skill that he said proved to be handy during negotiations with Soviet leaders. The SAG experience, he said, taught him "that the purpose of a negotiation is to get an agreement."

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