Monster winter storm: five ways to stay safe and prepared

Americans in 33 states from Oklahoma to Massachusetts are now dealing with a huge winter storm. Experts say these are five things you can do to cope:

2. Digging out the car

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    Pouring hot water on this car is not the solution. 'Careful chipping' is the key.
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Once the storm passes, your car might be covered with a layer of ice that will have to be dealt with. Do not pour hot water on the windows to melt the ice, says meteorologist Mike Pigott of in State College, Pa.

“It can cause the windows to crack,” he says. “The best way is to start the car and let it warm up from the inside, that also makes it easier to scrape off.”

To get inside the car may require “careful” chipping of the ice along the door. If the car is in a safe place, such as a driveway, it might be more advisable not to lock the car to avoid having to deal with a frozen lock, say experts.

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