Who got pardons or clemency in 2010? A surprise list of people and animals.

From Apple and Cider to Jim Morrison, those who received reprieves this year don’t always fit the mold. Here is a look at five reprieves in 2010, plus one pending petition.

3. The pardon capital: Nevis, Minn.

Inspired by the 20,000-odd pardons given over the years by US presidents, the outgoing mayor of Nevis, Minn., invoked a little-known executive clemency privilege. Dave McCurnin, the mayor, is offering up for sale pardons for minor traffic offenses such as running a tollbooth and overstaying a parking meter.

"They're for sale at $5 each," Mr. McCurnin told the City Council in his farewell address this month.

Those who pay up will receive a frameable pardon certificate and a button. The fees will go to develop a sledding hill for the town’s kids.

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