Are you smarter than a Fox News viewer? How about a CNN viewer? Take our quiz to find out.

In this photo, at the Fox News Studios in New York City, Glenn Beck, right, talks with guests Megyn Kelly, co-host of Fox's Americas Newsroom, left, and Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox senior legal analyst, April 21, 2009.

American voters were quizzed on their knowledge of issues and facts raised in the 2010 midterm elections, in a survey by World Public Opinion, a project managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland.

Respondents were also asked where they get their news from: Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, newspapers, network TV news, public broadcasting.

The survey found that "substantial levels of misinformation were present in the daily consumers of all news sources." But Fox News viewers were significantly more likely to be misinformed than those who get their news from other sources. And, greater exposure to Fox News increased the degree to which viewers were misinformed.

This is not simply a matter of partisan bias. People who vote Democratic and watched Fox News were also more likely to be misinformed than those who did not watch it – though by a lesser margin than those who vote Republican. Those who got their news from NPR, CNN, or MSNBC were better informed on most – but not all – of the issues in the survey.

We've presented the 11 questions just as the survey asked them. How well informed are you?

1. Is it your impression that most economists who have studied it estimate that the stimulus legislation:

Saved or created several million jobs

Saved or created a few jobs

Caused job losses

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