WikiLaughs: Top eight WikiLeaks jokes

Classified diplomatic cables. Sensitive military documents. Lists of vulnerable sites to US interests. WikiLeaks is serious business. But humor is one way the public sifts through the meaning of news. Or at least a way to distract ourselves from looking at those same 12 photos of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over and over again. Here's a look at the lighter side of WikiLeaks.

8. WookieeLeaks

It's a trap! Classified cables from a galaxy far, far away reveal plot against crustacean turned incompetent rebel leader.

Wikileaks has inspired users of Twitter to post messages under the tag "WookieeLeaks," envisioning leaked secrets in the realm of "Star Wars."

One example: "Sources close to the Emperor claim that he was aware of the tragic design flaw that allowed Rebels to destroy the Death Star."

Another: "Following fiasco above Endor, Admiral Ackbar received ... threatening parcels containing cocktail sauce."

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