Can 'The Town' be top of the Hub? Top 5 Boston-based movies

The Red Sox may be struggling to make the playoffs this season, but Boston is a perennial box-office favorite. The latest Boston-based film to hit silver screens is "The Town," starring and directed by local boy Ben Affleck.

The top 10 Boston-based films, ranked by US box-office receipts, includes the Sox-centered "Fever Pitch," according to Turner Classic Movies and Also on the list is the 1968 version of "The Thomas Crown Affair" starring Steve McQueen, which was shot on Boston's Beacon Hill. Do your favorite Boston films make the top 5?

6. "The Town"

Ben Affleck, director of 'The Town,' is also its star.

Ben Affleck's "The Town" opened Friday. The film, a crime drama with action shot on location in Boston's Italian-dominated North End and inside 98-year-old Fenway Park, has set off controversy on its quest to become a box-office winner. Residents of Charlestown, an enclave of Boston that the film calls "the bank robbery capital of America," say it gives their neighborhood a bad rap.

The film, which cost $40 million, has "wicked far" (to use the vernacular) to go before it takes the title of top-grossing Boston film.

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