Hurricane Earl: Five things you should do to prepare

Hurricane Earl is possibly coming to the East Coast Labor Day weekend. Preparing for the storm is crucial, emergency experts say.

2. Have a personalized emergency kit

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    These kids in New Orleans attended FEMA Family Preparedness Day in 2006.
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An emergency kit can be crucial, especially if you have to evacuate. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) suggests including:

• Water.

• A first aid kit.

• Nonperishable and canned foods.

• Paper plates and plastic utensils.

• Extra clothing.

• Toiletries.

• Flashlights and batteries.

Bringing along books, games, and toys helps pass the time while waiting in shelters.

A cellphone that is fully charged may be the only way to communicate with family members not with you. A traditional phone that can be plugged into an outlet can also be a good idea, since cellphone service varies.

Store important identification – passport, Social Security card, and birth certificate – in a plastic bag, and bring along cash in case ATMs are not accessible.

Both the NHC and FEMA stress the importance of remembering the specific needs of family members. You might need to add medications, blankets, and infant and pet supplies to an emergency kit.

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