Westminster dog show 2010 results: Scottish Terrier 'Sadie'

At the Westminster dog show 2010, Scottish Terrier 'Sadie' took best in show. She's the eighth Scottie to win at Westminster.

Henny Ray Abrams/AP
Sadie, a Scottish terrier, at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York. Sadie won best in show.

Here are your Westminster dog show 2010 results: Sadie the Scottish Terrier won best in show. She was heavily favored, but the pressure didn’t get to her. She won anyway.

Sorry about that, Lindsey Jacobellis.

Who’s Lindsey Jacobellis? She’s the US snowboard athlete who once again failed to win an Olympic medal on Wednesday, despite being one of the sport’s top athletes.

Sadie the Scottie peaked at the right time, trotting around the Westminster ring with aplomb, tail wagging and tongue out, in harmony with handler Gabriel Rangel.

Ms. Jacobellis, on the other hand, failed to even reach the snowboard cross final, as she went off course and nicked a gate. The flub brought back memories of the last Winter Olympics, in Turin, Italy where Jacobellis lost the gold at the last moment when she grabbed her board in a showboating move known as a “method,” and caused herself to crash.

Well, the US still has Lindsey Vonn, the medal favorite skier. Her leg injury seems to be improving by the day.

As for Sadie, she’s the eighth Scottie to win at Westminster. She overcame some bad karma, too. Two years ago, she was spooked by strange sounds at Madison Square Garden. Last year, she, um, had an “accident” on the green carpet.

She should be a popular champion, in part because Scotties are popular dogs that most people think are cute. Some of the other group winners Sadie beat were less-well-known breeds.

True, the toy group was won by a Toy Poodle. But Poodles – with their topiary hair trimming – are both loved, and a bit goofy.

Other category winners that competed for the top spot included a Whippet, winner of the hound group; a Doberman Pinscher, winner of the working group; a French Bulldog, winner of the non-sporting group; and a Puli, winner of the herding group.

Have you ever seen a Puli? There’s a dog in there somewhere. With long corded hair covering their bodies, they look like the official dog of the Rastafarians.

Sadie, meanwhile, was set to do in New York in style now that her triumph is in the books. She’ll do media appearances and meet Donald Trump.

She’ll kick back later the way many people do.

“She likes to watch TV,” handler Rangel told the AP. “We have dinner together at the hotel and watch Animal Planet.”


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