A note to our subscribers from the managing publisher

Dear Reader,

We recently announced, as covered in today’s paper, that in April 2009 the daily print edition of The Christian Science Monitor will shift to a 24/7 daily Web publication. This will be combined with the launch of an attractive new weekly print publication that looks behind the headlines and helps readers understand global issues. Also we will launch a new daily e-news edition, delivered by e-mail.

As a result of these changes, the Monitor’s online edition will be more robust, which means you will be able to get updates on the news in minutes, not days. The new weekly print edition will be delivered to your home for the weekend – when many of our readers have indicated they have more time to enjoy longer articles and in-depth reporting. The newly developed e-news edition will deliver selected Monitor news and perspective to your e-mail inbox every day. These changes will enable the Monitor to better fulfill its mission by increasing its reach and effect on humanity while also becoming financially sustainable.

Our readers are our partners

For news, the coming months will be event-filled, and the Monitor promises to continue to be there in print and online covering these events with objective, unbiased analysis. We also need you, as readers and as partners, to continue to support the Monitor by renewing your current subscription to the daily newspaper. This partnership is essential to the success of The Christian Science Monitor.


If you are a current print or Treeless subscriber, we ask you to stay with us through this transition. By doing so, you will be the first to learn about the exciting and important changes we have planned in the months ahead, as well as specifics about how your daily subscription will be transitioned to the weekly publication.

Thanks to all who love The Christian Science Monitor; we’re sure you’ll discover how CSMonitor.com, the new weekly print edition, and our daily e-news edition will continue to provide invaluable Monitor perspective to help you understand your world.

Jonathan Wells
Managing Publisher

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