For kids: Up or down?

A quiz where you see how many 'up and down' words you can figure out.


How many of these UP WORDS and DOWN words can you figure out? Don't get DOWN on yourself if some of these keep you UP all night!

1. Some houses have more than one floor. If you sleep on the top floor, it is called this:

U p _ _ _ _ _ _

2. When a spaceship or rocket is about to blast off, this is one of the final launch activities:

_ _ _ _ _ d o w n

3. People from Australia and New Zealand often use this to refer to where they live:

(2 words)

D o w n _ _ _ _ _

4. This is a social gathering where a fiddle might be played and square dancing takes place:

_ _ _ d o w n

5. A person who has reached maturity is called this:

_ _ _ _ _ - u p

6. This happens when a football team, in possession of the ball, scores six points by crossing the goal line. It is also a term used to describe when an aircraft lands.

_ _ _ _ _ d o w n


1. Upstairs

2. Countdown

3. Down under

4. Hoedown

5. Grown-up

6. Touchdown

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