Kid Spot Quiz: Weather forecast

See how many weather-related words you can guess.

All of the clues below have something do with the weather. Each of these weather words has a double letter in it. We have given you a few hints to get started. How many can you forecast?

1. This is a severe tropical storm that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea or the eastern regions of the Pacific Ocean. It moves north, northwest, or northeast from its point of origin. It involves heavy rain and winds greater than 74 m.p.h. At one time, these were only named after women, but now they are named after men, too. Katrina was one.

_ _ r r _ _ _ _ _

2. This is an overflowing of water usually onto land that is normally dry. If you don't shut off the faucet in time, you can have one of these in your home.

_ _ o o _

3. When it's very hot and very humid outside, you might say it is this.

_ _ g g _

4. This is a very light rain that is stronger than a mist but less than a shower.

_ _ _ z z _ _

5. This is fine, light snow that generally doesn't stick. When they predict this type of snow, it usually isn't wise to hope for a snow day because it will be melted by morning.

_ _ _ r r _ _ _

6. This is a tropical cyclone that occurs in the western Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean. It is like a hurricane but it happens south of the Equator.

_ _ _ _ o o _

7. This is precipitation consisting of generally transparent frozen or partially frozen raindrops. It is a mixture of rain and snow or hail.

_ _ e e _

8. This is a severe storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold. The snowstorm is heavy and lasts a long time. It also generally covers a wide area. This is the type of snowstorm that usually guarantees a day off school!

_ _ _ z z _ _ _

9. This term is on the news a lot in regard to our environment. It is a warming that occurs when solar radiation (energy from the sun) is trapped by the atmosphere. The name comes from those glass houses where plants are grown inside to protect them from the outside weather. (2 words, each with double letters!)

_ _ e e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ f f _ _ _

10. This is a wind system from the southwest or south that brings heavy rainfall to southern Asia in the summer. The American Southwest (especially Arizona) also has a season like this which brings large amounts of rain to the desert.

_ _ _ _ o o _

11. This is what it is like when there isn't a cloud in the sky.

_ _ n n _

12. This is when the air is blurred by condensed water vapor in cloudlike masses lying close to the ground, limiting visibility.

_ _ g g _


1. Hurricane

2. Flood

3. Muggy

4. Drizzle

5. Flurries

6. Typhoon

7. Sleet

8. Blizzard

9. Greenhouse effect

10. Monsoon

11. Sunny

12. Foggy

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