Over the hedge: From milk can to masterpiece

A retired dairy farmer was astonished to see a tool of his trade for sale in an antique shop.

To beat the winter doldrums, my dad, a retired milk farmer, decided to leave his cold farm in Ohio and visit us in sunny California.

During Dad's visit, I gave him a tour of the quaint shops in our new community.

As we wandered through an antique store, Dad was surprised to find an old milk can, identical to the ones he used for storing the milk from his cows, bearing a price tag of $50.

"What's a dented milk can doing in an antique shop?" Dad asked the owner.

The owner smiled and replied, "It's considered a collectible."

The next stop was a craft shop featuring 100 artists displaying their wares. I introduced Dad to the owner, an artist who specialized in painting old milk cans with scenes of animals, birds, and flowers. Each can sold for $125.

"Dad, what do you think of these cans?" I asked.

Dad shook his head and replied, "I sold milk for all those years, and I now realize I was in the wrong business. I should have just been selling the cans!"

Georgia A. Hubley

Henderson, Nev.

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