Kid Spot quiz: Hey, Daddy-o

See how many dad-related words you can guess.

How many of these dad-related words can you figure out?

1. This is a very large mammal that lives in and around the rivers of tropical Africa. It has a thick hairless body and a very big mouth.

_ _ _ p o p _ _ _ _ _ _

2. This city is the capital and largest city in Iraq.

_ _ _ _ d a d

3. This is a hard candy attached to a cardboard or plastic stick. Some have centers made of soft chocolate or gum.

_ _ _ _ _ p o p

4. These kernels burst and form a white puff when heated. People eat this at the movies.

P o p _ _ _ _

5. This is a large melon-like fruit from the tropics of the Americas. It usually has orange or peach-colored flesh and many black, round seeds inside.

P a p a _ _

6. This person often walks his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. It is also the name of a movie. (4 words)

F a t h e r _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7. Goldilocks thought his porridge was too hot, his chair was too big, and his bed was too hard. (2 words)

P a p a _ _ _ _


1. Hippopotamus

2. Baghdad

3. Lollipop

4. Popcorn

5. Papaya

6. Father of the bride

7. Papa Bear

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