Pop goes the corn kernel

Try this corny quiz in honor of National Popcorn Day (Jan. 19).

1. How many kernels of corn does the average ear of corn have?

a) 100 kernels

b) 800 kernels

c) 1,200 kernels

2. How much of the world's corn does the United States produce?

a) 20 percent

b) 40 percent

c) 80 percent

3. Which of these is true?

a) Corn on the cob always has an even number of rows.

b) Corn on the cob always has an odd number rows.

c) There is no rule about the number of rows corn has.

4. In how many grocery products can corn be found in one form or another?

a) 500

b) 2,000

c) 3,000

5. Popcorn is directly responsible for the development of the

a) vacuum cleaner

b) microwave oven

c) glue sticks

Answers on next page.

1. b

2. b

3. a

4. c

5. b

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