Mary Hart exits Entertainment Tonight after 29 years

Mary Hart went on Entertainment Tonight for the last time, Friday, joined by all her previous co-hosts, and a staff of 200.

Cliff Lipson/CBS/Reuters
Mary Hart poses with her co-hosts in this May 19, publicity photograph in Los Angeles as she prepares to end her 29 years as Entertainment Tonight host on her final show on Friday. Shown (L-R) are Bob Goen, (Co-Host from 1993-2004); Rob Weller (Co-Host from 1984-1986) Mark Steines (Co-Host from 2004- Present) and John Tesh (Co-Host from 1982-1996.)

Entertainment Tonight said goodbye to 29-year veteran co-host, Mary Hart, Friday. For Hart's last show former co-hosts, Bob Goen, Rob Weller, Mark Steines and John Tesh came back and Hart revealed her most memorable moments with ET through the years.

Hart first joined Entertainment Tonight in 1982, and while some have joked about her, William Keck, senior editor of TV Guide magazine says people trust her.

"Everyone, whether it's politicians, or Tom Cruise, they feel safe sitting down with her," Keck says. Her friendly demeanor has earned her interviews with everyone from Frank Sinatra, to George Burns, to the Obamas.

On Friday's show, ET ran through several highlights of Hart's tenure on the show. Hart's most poignant moments included her interviews with Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Ringo Star, Richard Pryor, and the 9/11 shows.

Hart has previously said she was born to work at ET stating, "The very first time somebody put a microphone in front of my face, I knew I wanted to be on the other end of the microphone. And here I am now, doing what I love to do."

In recognition of Hart, an assembly of 200 staffers and co-hosts created and aired a music video that took viewers throughout the Hollywood ET headquarters.

The show will continue with Nancy O'Dell replacing Hart in the co-host chair.

Hart said, “It's time to move on,” in regards to her departure. But when asked what will be next, Hart replied, "I don't know."

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