Tubegazing: 'Human Footprint'

The debate over global warming has raised awareness about the impact of human behavior on our planet, but National Geographic bores into details of how many products we consume in our lifetime.

Human Footprint (National Geographic Channel, April 13, 9 p.m.): In this special hosted by Elizabeth Vargas, National Geographic tracks the products that an average boy and girl living on this globe for 77 years will consume in their lifetimes. Sample statistics: 12,888 oranges, 3,796 diapers, and 5,054 newspapers. The show examines the burden of supplying those items to one individual: The bananas eaten in a single lifetime will travel 11 million miles, and a pair of sneakers will travel 20,000 miles to stores. If this sobering-fact special doesn't alter your behavior, it will certainly make you a good "Jeopardy" contestant. Gloria Goodale

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