Pet Perspectives

A poem.

Pet Perspectives I) To Montecristo, a fine Aristotelian mutt,
 A bone is a bone, whatever the cut.
 When Montecristo is thrown the inevitable stick,
 He proceeds in a line with implacable logic.
 Every man in command, every dog on his lead,
 That's Montecristo's school, his canine-onical creed.

 II) Melisande's a cat with a relative mind:
 When she chases the mice, she leaves them behind.
 Melisande's a cat in perplexing dimensions:
 She purrs on the lawn, but appears in the gentians.
 She stalks down the alley, but slinks up the stair:
 Yes, Melisande's a cat in all directions of where.
  Christopher Nield

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