A Painter's Day


A Monet
Mist camouflages the world
Muting colors
Altering shapes
Blending the separate pieces of life
Into a giant canvas
That obscures
Where I stop and you begin
A Picasso
Sun dazzles my eyes
Splashing the world with boldness
Vivid colors and dramatic shapes
Unrealistic, yet recognizable
A picture bigger than life
Dwarfing me with its
Daring arrogance
A Van Gogh
Gray/black silhouettes
Beneath the purple-blue
With millions of hand-drawn stars
In deliberate patterns
Pulsating with energy
Beckoning me to rise up effortlessly
With arms outstretched
Like a child in imaginary flight
Luring me with the promise of
Endless ordered beauty
Tempting me with the comfort
Of always knowing exactly
What is expected of me
And where I fit in
No matter what the season
Or the hemisphere
Joanna Zarkadas

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