Ten best movies of 2010

Even middling years can yield marvelous movies. Despite all the frazzled franchises and star-studded misfires of 2010, there were still wonders to behold –historical dramas of the finest intelligence, animation of great wit and delicacy, documentaries that brought out the human drama behind the headlines, and small, independent movies that showcased the emerging artists of tomorrow. If you haven't yet seen any or all of my top 10, listed here alphabetically, I envy what awaits you.

The Weinstein Company/Laurie Sparham/AP
In this film publicity image released by The Weinstein Company, Colin Firth portrays King George VI, left, and Helena Bonham Carter portrays the Queen Mother in a scene from, "The King's Speech."

1. Another Year

In this film publicity image released by Sony Pictures Classics, Lesley Manville is shown in a scene from, " Another Year."

Mike Leigh's best movies bring the humdrum to rousing, resonant life. His latest is a season by season catalog of encounters between a contented North London couple (Jim Broadbent and Ruth Sheen) and their divorced, progressively distraught friend (Leslie Manville). Beneath its deceptively casual surface is an entire world of feeling.


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