Get Him to the Greek: movie review

More crude comedy from the Apatows in 'Get Him to the Greek,' whose main character, rock star Aldous Snow, is resuscitated from ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall.’

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters
Cast member Russell Brand is interviewed at the premiere of 'Get Him to the Greek' at the Greek theatre in Los Angeles May 25. The movie opens in the US on June 4.

Get Him to the Greek” is the latest gross-out yuckfest from Team Apatow, no better or worse than most of the others.

Nicholas Stoller, who directed “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” once again performs the honors, and he resuscitates from that film its most memorable party animal – English rock star Aldous Snow, played by Russell Brand without missing a beat.

Jonah Hill, the Everyman of Apatow Country, plays the junior music executive whose job is to haul the drug-besotted Aldous from London to Los Angeles for his comeback concert.

Brand can seem simultaneously randy and strung-out and is often very funny.

Hill is surprisingly touching, which is quite a feat given the number of orifices he is required to display.

It all gets sappy by the end, and the sap all runs downhill.

Grade: B- (Rated R for strong sexual content and drug use throughout, and pervasive language.)

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