The Good Heart: movie review

An ailing bar owner enlists a young homeless man to keep the place going in quirky drama ‘A Good Heart.’

Brian Cox obviously was thinking “tour de force” when he signed on to play the blustery barkeep Jacques in “The Good Heart.” His long, stringy hair, his gut, his boozing, his rants, his need for – you guessed it – a heart transplant all spells... Oscar nomination. Or not.

Playing opposite him is Paul Dano as Lucas, a neurasthenic creep whom Jacques deems worthy of inheriting the bar. This odd couple never moves beyond oddness and the lower-depths shenanigans grate.

As Lucas’s girlfriend April, Isild Le Besco brings a sprig of sunshine into the film’s fetid hollows. Grade: C (Rated R for language and a disturbing image.)

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