Review: 'Management'

Jennifer Aniston plays a workaholic sales rep in this off-kilter romance with an unintended creepy side.

Sometimes a movie thinks it's one thing (charming) when it's really something else (creepy). Such is the case with writer-director Stephen Belber's "Management," which ostensibly is about Sue (Jennifer Aniston), a workaholic sales rep, and Mike (Steve Zahn), who works at the Arizona roadside motel where she stops over while on business.

Sue works for a company representing "corporate art" – you know, those ugly paintings you see in office buildings and hotels – while Mike works for his parents (played nicely by Margo Martindale and Fred Ward).

The supposed charming part is that Mike, a vacuous, well-meaning goof-off, is smitten by Sue, who at first resists his inept blandishments. The creepy part is that, until the movie's inevitable true-love agenda kicks in, Mike pursues Sue stalker-style across the country. We're supposed to feel OK about it, though, because, after all, it's just goofy Steve Zahn. In a small role as Sue's sort-of boyfriend, Woody Harrelson, playing a punk rocker-turned-yogurt mogul, is all too convincing. Grade: C (Rated R for language.)

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