A entirely predictable farce

Patrick Dempsey goes into charm overload in 'Made of Honor.'

Patrick Dempsey goes into charm overload in "Made of Honor," to no avail. He's playing Tom, a ladies' man with commitment issues. The real mystery, however, is why Dempsey chose to commit to this script, which is all about how you don't know who you love until she is taken away. The love in this case is his best friend Hanna (Michelle Monaghan), who might as well be wearing a neon sign that reads, "Hey, dummy, I love you."

But, of course, if Tom picked up on this, there'd be no movie. So Hanna goes and gets herself engaged to a Scotsman (Kevin McKidd) while away on a business trip, and Tom plots to get her back before the knot is tied. Guess how it turns out? The only surprise to me about this movie is that there no jokes about kilts – a serious omission in an otherwise entirely predictable farce. (PG-13, for sexual content and language.)

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