How to have a 'Star Trek' garden

A copy of a Chicago Tribune article showed up in my e-mail inbox over the weekend. The title: "Glen Ellyn couple has a sci-fi flower bed." It turns out that Lindalee Stuckey has a "Star Trek" garden filled with plants whose names evoke the TV series/movies. (And, since it contains both hostas and daylilies, it's ideal for shady and sunny spots.)

With the latest "Star Trek" movie making news, it was an interesting story. The centerpiece of the SF garden, wrote Steve Schmadeke, included a 25-foot, arrowhead-shaped Starfleet insignia built by Ms. Stuckey's husband two years ago.

That would be worth seeing, I thought. Of course, daylilies aren't blooming in Illinois yet and hostas probably don't look their best yet, so the article includes no photos. Disappointing.

But I found a more inclusive article at Dave's Garden. It showed a picture of the insignia. And some of the namesake "Star Trek" daylilies as well as three of the hostas.

You can also see images online of some of the plants available for making your own out-of-this-world  garden. (Just click on the name of the cultivar to go to the photo.)

Borg Technology
Cardassian Borders
First Officer's Log
Photon Torpedo
Romulan Defector
Spock's Ears
Vulcan Logic

Captain Kirk

I saw Celosia 'Star Trek Rose Pink Adobe' last summer. It's a nice annual for sun. (To see what it looks like, click here and then go down the list on the left side to click on a photo, for a better view.)

Does anyone know of other plants named after objects and people in "Star Trek" that aren't listed here or in the two articles about Ms. Stuckey's garden? Do let us know so we can include them.

Have you ever planted a theme garden?  How did it work out?

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