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Think the gardening season's over? Not so. Plenty's still going on. Here's a sampling of gardening in the news today -- a Roman garden in Wales, advice on winterizing your lawn mower and other gardening equipment,  how to create attractive containers gardens even during cold weather,  and a survey of caregivers shows that gardening helps relax them.

The National Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon, Wales, has re-created a typical Roman garden of 2,000 years ago and has staffed it with toga-clad docents. "It was the Romans who were the first to use their gardens as extensions of their homes and for decorative purposes by using colourful plants, stone ornaments and decorative pots," reports Wales Online. "They also brought many plants and vegetables to Britain including, it is believed, the leek – our national emblem"

 At Learn2Grow, Rachael A. Margolis, suggests that if you've had it with a sputtering lawn mower, there's something you can do about it so you won't have to put up with the same aggravation next spring:  "Before your lawn mower, weed eater and other machinery go into hibernation, you should winterize them so they’re 'spring ready' for next year." And she explains how.

Ann Lovejoy, writing on, says that although winter's on its way, gardeners don't have to give up on container plants: "If ornamental kale and cabbage seem common (which, hello, they are), consider the imposing, ruffled foliage of ruby-tinted 'Giant Red' mustard greens. Its cousin, 'Osaka Purple,' has similarly large but rounded leaves like spread fans of saturated purple-red that look lustrous in winter. To enhance their luster, tuck in gold or silver variegated ground covers. Lax tumbles of Vinca minor 'Sterling Silver' add a frosty look to winter pots..."

 It's not too early to begin thinking about a holiday gift for your favorite gardener. The Chicago Garden Examiner, Jaime Zaplatosch, suggests paying someone's tuition to an organic gardening class. Or how to about a Master Gardener class?Membership in a local or national plant society is another good idea -- rose, dahlia, daylily, herb, etc.

review of the book "Solar Gardening," by Leandre Poisson and Gretchen Vogel Poisson on M&C notes that "the authors show how they have stretched their gardening season in one of the coolest areas of America across a twelve month period without burning any fossil fuels or making massive investments in equipment. "

EmaxHealth reports: "More than 40 percent of the 10 million American unpaid caregivers rate the emotional stress of caregiving as high or very high. However, according to a online survey of 1,340 respondents, nearly 60 percent of respondents say gardening relaxes them."

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