Garden 'siteseeing' with four guys

Garden blogs by men.

Yesterday's post (asking the question, Do men and women garden differently?) has prompted today's edition of our weekly feature, garden siteseeing, where we visit gardens and gardeners around the US and the world via their blogs. Today's gardeners are all male.

Kenneth Point is a CPA and avid organic gardener in Pennsylvania who owns a four-story worm bin (!) and loves to share Veggie Gardening Tips. Actually, he likes to grow and write about all edibles, herbs and fruits included. The current discussion is about garlic. 

As a member of the Pennsylvania Backyard Fruit Growers Association, Kenny recently went searching for wild paw-paw trees. Did you know that these native fruit trees are pollinated not by bees but by flies and beetles? And that the fruit has the taste and consistency of custard?

Rob's Plants are also grown in Pennsylvania, in a suburb of Allentown, north of Philly, where he lives with his wife, three kids, three cats, a dog, and assorted pond fish and frogs. His garden also contains a nice collection of skullcaps, which he writes about knowledgeably, providing a great resource for other gardeners.

If you want to check up on Rob's day-to-day gardening efforts, check out Rob's garden journal, where he reports on growing Oriental eggplant in an Earthbox planter, how various roses performed, and finally being able to harvest some cherries.

In Abilene, Texas, lives a man who says he "likes to garden ... always have ... vegetables mostly. I find deep satisfaction in growing our own grub." He does that In the Charamon Garden and writes about such things as weeds, heirlooms, and yearly (long) trips to Australia

I'd love to know more about his Zipper Cream Southern peas. Isn't that name wonderful? (For the uniniatiated, Southern peas are actually beans, legumes that originated in Africa. They need a long growing season and warmth.)

And let's not forget Stuart Robinson of Busselton, Australia, with Gardening Tips 'n' Ideas, who linked to our post about whether your sex has anything to do with how you garden. He had previously written about what women want in gardening tools and are men better gardeners than women? An interesting and fun blog to read.

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