Quick houseplant update

Check back tomorrow here for a posting about how houseplants are affected by temperature (something to keep in mind as winter roars our way and we dial back the thermostat). But first, here's the latest on houseplants -- as they make the most of the digital age.

It seems that everyone and his dog (or cat) is blogging, why not indoor plants? In Japan it has come true. And what does Midori-san the blogging houseplant have to say for himself (or herself)? It's hard to know unless you read Japanese.

Talking to your plants was big news at one time (Prince Charles was said to be a proponent), but that was a one-way conversation, human to plant.

If it could blog, would a philodendron complain about the Dracena hogging all the light? Would a bougainvillea ask to move to a warmer room? Would a cactus request a larger pot? Would a snake plant, a Boston fern, and an orchid argue among themselves?

Maybe it's not really science fiction at all. After all, as we reported earlier, houseplants can now have their own accounts on Twitter. It's 9 a.m. Do you know where your peace lily is and what it's thinking?!

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