Best tomato varieties in Masschusetts

Winners of the 2008 Massachusetts State Tomato Contest

As promised, here are some of the the top winners in each category of the 24th Massachusetts State Tomato Contest, held yesterday (Aug. 18). Probably these tomato varieties would also be successful in other New England states.

I wasn't familiar with Matt's Wild, but was impressed with its taste and size (about the size of a small grape) and asked another judge if she knew its identity. I'm definitely going to get seeds next spring and give it a try.

In the list, arranged from first place to 10th, the name of the winning grower is first, then the town where the farm is located, and finally, the tomato variety.

1. MacArthur Farm, Holliston, Caruso
2. Rose's Farm, Swansea, Early Goliath
3. Verrill Farm, Concord, Big Beef
4. Red Fire Farm, Granby, Fabulous
5. Ward's Berry Farm, Sharon, Early Girl
6. Macone Farm, Concord , Scarlet Red
7. Ward's Berry Farm, Sharon, Mountain Fresh
8. Cape Abilities Farm, Hyannis, Clarence
9. Cape Abilities Farm, Hyannis, Trust
10. E. Cecchi Farms, Feeding Hills, Christa

1. Red Fire Farm, Granby, Sungold
2. Red Fire Farm, Granby, Supersweet 100
3. Kimball Fruit Farm, Pepperell, Sun Sugar
4. Kimball Fruit Farm, Pepperell, Black Cherry
5. Macone Farm, Concord, Sun Cherry
6. Verrill Farm, Concord, Sungold
7. Macone Farm, Concord, Sungold
8. Verrill Farm, Concord, Supersweet 100
9. Freitas Farm, Middleboro, Matt's Wild
10.Ward's Berry Farm, Sharon, Sungold

1. Ward's Berry Farm, Sharon, Green Zebra
2. Verrill Farm, Concord, Amana Orange
3. Red Fire Farm, Granby, Wapsipinnicon Peach
4. Clark Farm, Danvers, Striped German
5. Verrill Farm, Concord, Carbon
6. Red Fire Farm, Granby, Azoychka
7. MacArthur Farm, Holliston ,Arkansas Traveller 7
8. Kimball Fruit Farm, Pepperell, Black Prince
9. Verrill Farm, Concord, Black Prince
10. Kimball Fruit Farm, Pepperell, Chocolate Stripes

Ward's Berry Farm, Sharon, Striped German, 3.23 pounds
Kimball Fruit Farm, Pepperell, Giant Belgium, 2.53 pounds
Volante Farm, Needham, Striped German, 2.52 pounds
Red Fire Farm, Granby, Striped German, 2.27 pounds
Verrill Farm, Concord, Super Steak, 2.09 pounds

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