Powerpopaholic Review: The Fire Apes

The Fire Apes new album 'A Life in Letters' has a fresh sound, and each track sparkles.

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John Seymour (aka The Fire Apes) has a new album, more of a re-introduction as it re-releases several tracks from the debut EP. Proof that it's great power pop is that "Killing Me From Inside" and "Hey Kate!" still sound fresh.

The new material matches up nicely "'Cause You Don't," has a killer riff that drives the song here, and the McCartney dance hall piano approach on "Don't Break My Heart" shows that Seymour has more depth in his musical bag of tricks. "3 O'Clock" is a jangle filled gem that recalls the sound of the aforementioned Michael Quercio band. "Lori" is another winner with a terrific guitar break between the choruses.

Each track sparkles here, and if you missed the original album, you have no excuses not to pick up A Life in Letters. Fans of The Beatles, Oasis and Green Day will go for this too, as the band received over 900,000 plays on their My Space page.

Aaron blogs at Powerpopaholic.


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