Into it: Marco Beltrami

The Academy Award-nominated composer talks about 'Pinocchio,' his love of westerns, and his upcoming opera.

Kevork Djansezian/ap

... Reading?

Lately, the main book I've been reading is what I read to the kids every night: Pinocchio. It's a long book, and quite a violent book in many ways, but a great tale for kids. Lately, for myself, I've been drawn to nonfiction works such as this book called The Adventurist, by Robert Young Pelton. He writes about places you wouldn't normally go. It appeals to my sense of adventure. A lot of my job is inside, and to be able to have that contrast is appealing to me both as an idea and as a practical form of balance.

... Watching?

I don't watch much. But since I'm a member of the Academy, I've seen the nominated films. I liked Into The Wild. I liked The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. [And] 3:10 to Yuma. I've always been a fan of Westerns and the fact that I got to score it was a big bonus.

... Listening to?

I listen to everything. Lately, what I've been studying is Czech composer Leos Janacek. I'm currently working on ideas for an opera. I think [Janacek] has great dramatic sense as well as a unique approach to color and voice and instrumental timbre. I find [his music] really tremendous to listen to over and over. It sort of restructures my thought along lines of the divine.

Marco Beltrami is nominated for an Academy Award for his score to '3:10 to Yuma.'

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