Princess Diana crash photo: Her death could have been prevented, argues Unlawful Killing documentary

Princess Diana: A photo showing Princess Diana alive after the 1997 car accident will be shown in 'Unlawful Killing,' a documentary screening a Cannes Film Festival on May 13. The use of this Princess Diana photo in the film is controversial.

Filmmaker and actor Keith Allen, pictured in 2010, defends using a photograph that shows Princess Diana just after the car crash that proved fatal in his documentary 'Unlawful Killing.'

Some have expressed shock and dismay at the revelation that a photograph showing the People’s Princess fighting for her life appears in the documentary “Unlawful Killing,” directed by the “Trainspotting” actor Keith Allen. The picture of Princess Dianna was taken just after the car she was riding in crashed in a Paris tunnel and already has been published in Europe, though not in England.

Accusations are flying that using the photograph in the film is a cheap shot and an attempt to profit from a tragedy. But Mr. Allen has defended his use of the photo, saying it proves that Princess Diana was still alive and could have been saved in the almost two hours it took to get her to a hospital that was only a few miles away.

The documentary, which investigates conspiracy theories about Diana’s death, is being screened in France because of British sensitivities and legal issues surrounding the still-controversial 2008 inquest into her death, which ruled that the reckless chauffer, Henri Paul, and the paparazzi in hot pursuit were at fault.

“Unlawful Killing” was financially backed by Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Diana’s companion, Dodi Fayed, who also was killed in the crash, along with Mr. Paul. Only Diana’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones survived. Mohamed Al Fayed has expressed outrage that Mr. Allen included the photo in the film.

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