What Thanksgiving leftovers are in my fridge

The inventory includes some some vegan stuffing that if not eaten can be used as insulation.

• One dozen uneaten Brussels sprouts with visible teeth marks.
• Three pecan pies with fingerprints but no pecans.
• Pale spinach dip topped with unidentifiable crunchy things.
• Two bags of what look like Parker House rolls but on closer examination are labeled “Barker House Rolls.”
• Aunt Jane’s Christmas pudding from last year that she said would be “ripe” this year. (No using it for a football again!)
• A pitcher of eggnog mistakenly topped with oregano rather than nutmeg. (Cousin Billy thought it would go well with pasta.)
• Twenty-four pats of butter in the shape of either a one-legged turkey or Uncle Armand’s forehead.
• Four stuffings: sausage, fruit, corn bread, vegan. All can be used as insulation if needed.

• Chuck Cohen writes from Mill Valley, Calif.

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