Dispatches from PopTech 2008

Ideas and reports from the annual innovation incubator.

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Clay Shirky leads a presentation examining the nature of generosity and how to "design" for it.

Reporter Greg Lamb spent the weekend at the PopTech conference in Camden, Maine. The annual gathering of up-and-coming innovators discussed everything from genetically modified crops to Internet piracy to finding forgiveness in Rwanda.

In case you missed Greg's daily blog entries, no worries, here's a walk back through our 2008 PopTech coverage.

PopTech conference lifts the lid on a cauldron of innovative ideas
This year’s PopTech theme is “Scarcity and Abundance.” You might think that the first is the problem, the latter the goal. As is often the case with PopTech, you’re likely to be surprised if you arrive with too many assumptions.

‘Project M’ aims to combat AIDS using cellphones
Project Masiluleke (it means “to give wise counsel” and “lend a helping hand” in Zulu) is a scheme to tap cellphone technology to try to raise AIDS awareness and promote testing. 

‘Free’ is here to stay on the Web
Music publishers seem to have the upper hand for the moment in cracking down on free sharing of music files. But the future of commerce on the Web continues to look as though “free” will be a theme for a long time.

New ideas in fighting violence, finding forgiveness
Two of the speakers shared hopeful news from both the United States and Africa that cycles of violence can be broken.

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