New Verizon iPhone? Download these free apps right away.

Verizon iPhone handsets go on sale across the country today. So which free apps should Verizon iPhone owners download?

Verizon iPhone user? Check out these free apps.

The Verizon iPhone finally arrives on store shelves this week, putting an end to a seemingly endless rain of rumors, speculation, and assorted scuttlebutt. To celebrate, we've assembled a list of some of our favorite iPhone apps. All are free; each link below will direct you to a landing page for the app, from which you can start downloading. Good luck.

The Facebook app. If you use Facebook – and a few hundred million of you do! – you're going to want download this program, which makes it easy to post photos, exchange messages, browse profiles, etc. Be forewarned: it's extremely addictive.

The Flixster app. This application – which includes reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and showtimes near you – is the best movie theater app out there.

The AroundMe app. "I just know there's a good pizza place around here somewhere." Fire up this app and find out if you're right.

The app. This massive dictionary works even in the absence of a 3G or Internet connection. It's kind of like carrying around a hardcover edition of Merriam-Webster in your pocket. Except not.

The Shazam app. With this application, you will never again turn to your roommate, and ask, "Who sings this song?" The app "hears" the song and can identify it in seconds.

The Yelp app. Is that place around the corner any good? Try this application.

Google Translate app. This app is new, well-made, and self-explanatory. But we'll explain anyway: It translates over 50 languages into English. So download it.

Got a favorite free iPhone app? Drop us a line in the comments section. In the meantime, if you're looking for more tech news and reviews – or more updates about the Verizon iPhone – sign up for the free weekly Innovation newsletter, which is emailed out every Wednesday morning.

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