Google salutes Veterans Day with new logo

Google displays a special doodle logo to honor military vets on Veterans Day. And there's a different Google doodle in Britain.

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Google celebrates Veterans day with new logo.

The super-search engine, Google, is honoring American military veterans on Veterans Day with an American flag partially covering its logo.

Veterans Day began as Armistice Day in 1919, to honor World War I vets. But in 1954, thanks to the efforts of Alfred King, a Kansas shoe store owner, it was expanded to include all Americans who have served in the military and Congress declared Nov. 11 as Veterans Day.

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Around the world, Nov. 11 is still celebrated as Armistice Day (or Remembrance Day), marking the day when German and Allied forces agreed to the end of hostilities on the Western Front in World War I. But Armistice Day also now serves to remember all who have served in the military.

In Britain, Google UK has a poppy flower doodle instead of an American flag.

Not to be outdone by Google's British doodle, Microsoft Bing's search engine has a field of red poppies, reports The Telegraph.

Of course, many businesses, cities, and politicians celebrate Veterans Day not only to honor past vets, but current military personnel and the sacrifices that their families make.

The Monitor's Brad Knickerbocker, wrote about places veterans and active-duty personnel can go on this day for free meals and other special deals as a thank you for their service to our country.

IN PICTURES: Veterans Day


Do you have a favorite past Google Doodle? Maybe the barcode, or the bony x-ray doodle, or Pac-Man?

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