How to fix the Splinter Cell: Conviction freezing problem

Gamers are reporting that there's a Splinter Cell: Conviction freezing bug. Here's the solution.

Ubisoft says that the "Splinter Cell: Conviction" freezing problems have been solved.

Is "Splinter Cell: Conviction" freezing for you? You're not alone.

The highly anticipated video game, which came out today, reportedly contains several glitches if the player is logged into Xbox Live. These problems include the game freezing during the second mission and at other points in the single-player campaign.

Publisher Ubisoft now says that it fixed the problem. Restart the game and look for the option to download a patch.

"The issue has been resolved, you should now be able to play without further problems," Ubisoft told "You can download the update now and be able to play the game without it freezing or needing to be unplugged from Xbox Live."

If your Xbox 360 does not prompt you to install the update, posts on the official Ubisoft forums offered a workaround.

1. Load to the Xbox 360 dashboard
2. Choose "System Settings"
3. Choose "Memory"
4. Highlight your hard drive
5. Press "y" for device options
6. from here just choose to clear system cache

Have you played much of "Splinter Cell: Conviction"? Share your thoughts on it, or the new "Gears of War 3" trailer, in the comments below.

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