Monopoly gets radical redesign -- goodbye, paper money

Hello, debit cards. The new circular board is certainly modern, but will it win over Monopoly purists?

The new Monopoly board will be circular and forgo funny money for fake debit cards.

Seems it's redesign day here at the Horizons blog. Facebook updated its layout. Publishers demanded Amazon raise its prices. Heck, Heinz changed its classic ketchup packets for the first time since 1968.

Now, the board game Monopoly has followed suit.

In honor of the game's 75th anniversary, Hasbro unveiled a brand new board and digital interface for the classic tycoon playground. The special "Revolution Edition" will be available in the fall and pack several surprises.

First, the world is round. As your imaginary real-estate mogul learns the ups and downs of capitalism, you'll romp around a ring-shaped board. Hasbro ditched the four-corners look for a pizza-like circle. The stops on this journey are the same, but each location now comes as a radial wedge. Houses and hotels basically match older versions, but the game replaced its pewter character pieces with plastic tokens. Farewell, little doggy, shoe, and top hat.

Second, no more paper bills. Monopoly's trademark funny money has gone digital. A computer banker sits in the center of the "Revolution" board. Players spread the money around by using novelty debit cards. Good news for parents: No more picking up colored bills all over the house. Bad news for older siblings: No more sneaking extra cash under the table. Some special editions of Monopoly already come with faux ATMs – it's only a matter of time before kids figure out new ways to "game" the system.

Third, inflation hit Monopoly-ville. As you pass Go, you do not collect $200. Instead, you earn $2 million. Hasbro says all of the prices have been jacked up to better represent today's financial market.

Finally, the sound of money. As in good movies, music will punctuate the action. Clips of pop songs, such as Rihanna’s "Umbrella," Daniel Powter’s "Bad Day," and Beyonce's "Crazy in Love," will ring out during the game.


Like the new edition? Disappointed? What would you add to Monopoly? Let the world know in the comments section below, and learn more about tech culture through our Twitter feed.

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