Microsoft Natal pricing, release date leaked?

Microsoft Natal will go for between $50 and $80, and will be released in November 2010, a UK gaming site is reporting.

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg helps launch Microsoft's Natal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA on June 1.

Microsoft Natal is coming in a year. And will cost as little as $50 with 14 games included.

UK gaming site MCV is reporting those details and more after it says a source leaked the information from a series of closed-door meetings Microsoft held with British game publishers this week.

We first told you about Natal in June, when its concept was unveiled at the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles. Packing two cameras, an array of microphones, and special software to gauge depth, movements, and voice tone, it does away with the traditional concept of a game controller.

Instead of being released with a new console, Natal will be pushed as an add-on to the XBox 360, providing what will then be a five year-old console a much-needed shot in the arm.

At the Tokyo Game Show in September, a host of publishers said they would produce games that made use of Natal's innovative interface.

Additional details from MCV

Microsoft will ready some 5 million Natal units for launch, and will sell them alone, or bundled with XBox 360s.

The low price – expected to be set between $50 and $80 – is meant to position Natal squarely in impulse-buy territory. While $80 may seem a little steep, most games cost around $60 new, and Natal will come with 14 built-in.



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