Yahoo said to be eyeing partnership with OneRiot

A deal with real-time search engine OneRiot would help Yahoo chew through Facebook and Twitter feeds.

How fast does your search engine work?

Why should Google and Bing get all the real-time search fun? According to a new report from Techcrunch, Yahoo is currently working to partner with OneRiot, a search tool designed to chew over – and spit out – information at a faster clip than an engine such as Google.

If true, the deal would mirror separate moves from Microsoft and Google, which have announced that they will begin to integrate results from Twitter into their search results.

So what does anyone want with real-time search, anyway?

Well, we live in the days of the rapid-fire news cycle, where every bit of gossip is picked through faster than you can say “tweet." Obviously, regular old search results aren't going to do the trick. Search engines need something to dig deep into social networking feeds.

Enter real-time search, which crawls data as soon as it officially enters cyberspace. Over the past year, a host of real-time search tools has emerged, including OneRiot, Topsy, Tweetmeme, and Scoopler.

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