NASA Ares 1-x launch scrubbed -- NASA uses emoticons!

NASA had to scrub the launch of the Ares 1-x mission today due to bad weather.

Looks like this alligator will be able to look at the reflection of the Ares 1-x rocket for awhile longer. The mission was scrubbed today due to bad weather.

If you were looking forward to the launch of NASA's Ares 1-x rocket today, you're undoubtedly disappointed.

NASA is too. When bad weather forced the Ares 1-x mission to be scrubbed today, they used an emoticon to express their feelings.

Using Twitter, they write: "Ares I-X has scrubbed for today due to bad weather. : - ( More details soon about next attempt."

It's a very detailed emoticon too. They offer up a nose in the unhappy face. They could have just used : (

Somehow the addition of the nose adds the extra disappointment they must feel.

The launch has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time. Here's the downlow.


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