With new iMac video, Apple ditches keynote (for good?)

Apple's iMac video is the public's only introduction to the updated computer – is the "Stevenote" a thing of the past?

Apple screengrab
Sliced bread? Apple Senior VP of Design Jony Ive waxes poetic on the design of the new iMac in a video released today.
Apple screengrab
The new Apple iMac gets a bigger screen, faster processor, more storage, and, oh yeah – no formal introduction.

Call it adver-docu-tainment.

That's our best estimate of what Apple's seven-minute movie promoting its new iMac computers is.

In the past, Apple would assemble the tech press anointed in Cupertino or San Francisco, trot out a revue of top execs including a black turtleneck-bedecked Steve Jobs, and wax poetic for an hour-plus on what the company was bestowing upon the public this time. Today, that appears to have changed.

In a move anticipated by many in the personal-tech press, Apple on Tuesday rolled out a litany of new products, highlighted by a revamped iMac desktop computer and a slick new mouse. But instead of the dog and pony show, the [don't call it a computer] company merely shut down its online store for much of the morning, opening it back up with a product line-up that did much of the talking for itself.

This iMac's coming out party had no keynote. No credentialed hands-on and accompanying drool-fest photos. Just a video.

The clip is a mix of documentary-style testimonial and slick product slideshow, with a healthy dose of "ain't it cool" advertisement laced throughout. Apple fans will recognize elements of the company's trade show talks in the slick spot, including reference to environmental considerations.

What's your take? Does this work better than a "Stevenote?" Is it the future of Apple product releases? The company has already hinted it won't return to the annual MacWorld conference.

Watch the spot – adver-docu-tainment, fanboy-mentary, or whatever you want to call it – here, and let us know what you think in the comments, or catch up with us on Twitter.

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