Cell phone radiation? There's a case for that.

Courtesy of Pong Research LLC
The Pong iPhone case claims to reduce harmful cell phone radiation 60 percent.

Throw away your tinfoil hat.

Remember last week, when the Environmental Working Group released findings from a study of cell phone radiation? The Apple iPhone measured safely inside the acceptable range of emissions, posting a reading of 0.52 to 1.19 watts per kilogram, the amount of radio frequency energy that the body absorbs. But that hasn't stopped an Idaho company from releasing a protective case they claim reduces the phone's specific absorption rate by 60 percent.

CrunchGear has the details on the $60 case:

The Pong iPhone case is the first product proven by FCC-certified laboratories to reduce cell phone radiation. The case reduces the specific absorption rate (SAR, a mobile industry standard of measurement) by 60% and reduces intense ‘hotspot’ cell phone radiation (Electric Field Intensity) by 85%. The Pong iPhone case is immediately available for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, retailing for $59.95 through www.pongresearch.com. A BlackBerry model will be available later this year, with models for other devices to follow.

The company claims that its case uses the "chimney effect" to direct radiation away from the phone while maintaining call quality.

Something tells this writer that, while the Pong may in fact be more sophisticated than those stick-on "range-boosters" from the giant flip-phone days, it's still a tad dubious. How well it works may depend on how much you think you need it.


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