Best Buy's $9.99 Samsung TV, too good to be true

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    For a short time, Best Buy listed a similar TV at $10. Oops.
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Best Buy kicked off Wednesday with an amazing deal from its outlet: A 52-inch, 1080p Samsung TV for $9.99.

Yep. Too good to be true, indeed.

No matter how sophisticated retail sites get, human error can always muck things up. And Best Buy seems particularly prone to such blunders – so much so that some wonder if the electronics giant does this on purpose to draw attention. And the "sale" certainly turned heads: searches for the TV took up three spots on Google's top 30 trending terms this morning. No word on whether the majority were looking for a good deal or for a good laugh.

That particular TV SKU is no longer listed on the retailer's site. Only an updated Samsung model remains. That one, by the way, costs $1,799.99, about 50 percent off the original price. Doesn't quite have the same ring as $10.

If any snappy shoppers leapt on the $10 deal, they're out of luck. Best Buy's online terms clearly state that the store may correct such errors at any time and void sales at the mistaken price. Dang.

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