Forget the recording studio, just use an iPhone

Josh Heller
New York music producers Brad Naprixas (left) and Jared DiDomenico (right) used an iPhone to record a full-length album. They say it's "the world's first album entirely produced on an iPhone."

For New York City music producers Jared DiDomenico and Brad Naprixas, the recording studio was anywhere and everywhere.

One day it was on the subway. Then it was on the bus. Some days, it was from the comfort of their homes.

That's because they composed their entire album using iPhones.

The music duo, collectively known as Nuclear O'Reilly, spent an entire month composing and recording electronic beats using the iPhone app, Beatmaker, designed by Intua Software. The Beatmaker app, which costs $19.99, features an extensive library of instruments and loop samplers. After perusing the program, mobile musicians can load 16 different sounds into a touch screen, where they can begin composing and recording music with the tap of a finger.

Both DiDomenico and Naprixas claim their debut album, "Phoning It In," which features 10 instrumental, electronic tracks, is "the world's first album entirely produced on an iPhone." The album can be downloaded for free on their website.

"The great thing is that it's both novel and succeeds as something we are artistically proud of," DiDomenico said in a statement. "We're sharing a piece of our vibe. And we're hopefully helping to inspire those participating in the new media conversation. It's all about how our generation is going to make its mark."

See how they made a few tracks while riding the subway and the bus.

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