Dell tweets to the tune of $3 million

Business Wire

Someone's figured out how to make money from Twitter.

According to Dell company blogger Stephanie Nelson, the computer company has brought in an extra $3 million in revenue by advertising sales and special deals on its Twitter account, @DellOutlet.

The tweets look like this:

20% off any Dell Outlet Printer. Enter at checkout: 06G$WMFPKXPCT8 – exp 6/2 or after 1st 500 redemptions.

Its Twitter account has allowed the company to bring overstocks and returned or outdated merchandise to buyers' attention, and, their foot in the virtual door, has driven customer interest in new products as well.

Now, $3 million may not seem like a lot for a company as huge as Dell – as Wired put it, it's "">almost a rounding error" – but it's one of the first quantifiable gains we've seen from the use of Twitter. And it helps build brand loyalty. Dell employees routinely interact with customers through the company's Twitter accounts, and, as The New York Times' Claire Cain Miller reported, even takes – and acts on – product development suggestions through the site.

Dell is far from alone in offering special deals through Twitter. Here's a few more:

Boston burrito chain Boloco regularly tweets about new products and offers rewards points for feedback from Twitter followers.
• Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk posts clues like this one about boards he's hidden on his travels for followers to find.
The Christian Science Monitor's Horizons blog regularly updates followers on the latest tech news, rumors, and trends. *wink*

Know of any more? Post them in the comments.

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